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Welcome Pastor Boris G. Rhodes and 1st Lady LaDrena Rhodes


Worship comes from the Greek word proskyneo and its Hebrew equivalent shachac. Both of these terms refer to a posture of submission and thus an acknowledgement of God's sovereignty. The word worship is also derived from the Old English word weordscipe meaning worthiness or meritoriousness and thus giving God the recognition He deserves.

One of the terms that I personally use when referring to worship is an attitude of gratitude. Worship takes place apart from the temple of God, however, God does not intend that worship be connected with a place, but with the heart attitude. John 4:23-24 says, "But the hour is coming, and now is, when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." There is no other way to worship Him but in spirit and in truth. James 4:8 tells us to "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you" There is a drawing near to God that is holy, there is a drawing near to God that is righteous.

Worship is one of our weapons of war that have been given to us. Worship will take you to a place in God where your current situations will be minimized, because of the simple fact, that God is being magnified. As we worship, we are placing God above our problems. As we lift our hands, we are saying God you take it, because you are so much greater. As we kneel before Him in adoration and honor, He is there. I encourage you to submit to the Spirit of God and allow your worship to go to a greater dimension, for God is worthy of it.

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Ministry Leaders


Moderator/Chairman: Deacon Mack Boone
Vice-Chairman: Deacon Eli Wiggins
Deacon: Deacon Odell Washington

Senior Spiritual Advisor:
Deacon Odell Washington

Youth & Young Adult

Vice Pres:

Media Content Manager:
Social Media Mngr:

Spiritual Advisor:


Chairperson: Sis. LaRita Montgomery
Secretary: Sis. Kimberly Beaty
Trustee: Deacon Mack Boone
Trustee: Brother Eli Wiggins

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Mack Boone

Children's Church

Coordinator: Sis. Khalilah Durias
Teacher: (TBF)
Teacher: Deaconess Deborah Stewart
Teacher: Deaconess Shondell Boone
Advisor: Dr. Ruby Durias

Spiritual Advisor:

Associate Ministers

Chairperson: Rev. Sylvester Dortch
Ministers: Min. Woodrow Thomas
Min. Paulina Okosun

Minister in Training:

Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Boris G. Rhodes

Pastor's Aid

Chairperson: Min. Woodrow Thomas
Vice Chairperson Sis. Erica McCree

All Associate Ministers, Deacons & Deaconess

Armor-Bearers: Min. Woodrow Thomas

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Mack Boone


Chairperson: Deaconess Edie Ballard
Vice-Chairperson: Deaconess Shondell Boone
Deaconess: Deaconess Deborah Stewart

Spiritual Advisor Deacon Mack Boone

Ushers ~ Care Team

President: Sis. Kimberly Beaty
Vice President: Sis. Kim Hunt

Brother Thurman ‘Randy’ Beasley (TBV)
Brother Eric Patterson
Deaconess Deborah Stewart


Chairperson: Deaconess Edie Ballard

New Members Welcoming Coordinator: Deaconess Shondell Boone

Email Communications:
Sister LaRita Montgomery

Spiritual Advisor:

Women's Ministry - Sisterhood

President: Sis. Wylene Ellis
Vice President: Sis. Kim Hunt
Secretary: (TBF)
Treasurer: Deaconess Shondell Boone

Spiritual Advisor:Deaconess Mack Boone

Men's Ministry - Brotherhood

President: Temp. Deacon Mack Boone
Vice President: Deacon Sylvester Dortch
Secretary: (TBF)
Treasurer: Deacon Mack Boone

Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Boris G. Rhodes

Sick & Shut-In Shepherding/Condolence

Chairperson: Deaconess Deborah Stewart

Co-Chairperson: Deaconess Shondell Boone

Assoc: Rev. Sylvester Dortch



Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Boris G. Rhodes

Sunday School

Co-Chair: Deacon Mack Boone
Co-Chair: Deaconess Edie Ballard

Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Boris G. Rhodes

Church Beautification

Coordinator: Sis. Carol Bratton

Spiritual Advisor:

Christian Education

Chairperson: Pastor Boris G. Rhodes
Vice Chair: Deacon Mack Boone
Assistant: Deaconess Edie Ballard

Assistant: Deaconess Shondell Boone

Assistant: Rev. Sylvester Dortch

Hospitality Team

Coordinators: Deacons & Deaconess

Sister Cynthia McLemore
Sister Wylene Ellis
Sister Hazel Jackson
Sister Clara ‘Missy’ Taylor (TBV)

Spiritual Advisor:


Treasurer: Sis. LaRita Montgomery
Asst. Treasurer:
Financial Secretary: Sis. Kimberly Beaty
Counting team:
Deacon Mack Boone
Deaconess Deborah Stewart
Sister Wylene Ellis
Sister Della Taylor

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Mack Boone


Church Clerk: Dr. Ruby Durias
Asst. Church Clerk: Deaconess Deborah Stewart

Bulletin Clerk: Deaconess Shondell Boone

Bulletin Board Clerk: Sis. Veronica Garrett

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Mack Boone

Community Outreach Missions

EMCO (Evangelistic Missionary Comm. Outreach)
Bro. Eli Wiggins
Deacon Mack Boone

Chairperson: Sis. Kenisha Walker
Co-chairperson: Dr. Ruby Durias

Chairperson: Deacon Eli Wiggins
Assoc: Sis. Angela Nixon

Coordinator: Sis. Wylene Ellis
Secretary: Sis. Kim Hunt

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Eli Wiggins


Chairman: Rev. Sylvester Dortch
Vice Chairman: (TBF)

Driver: Rev. Sylvester Dortch

Spiritual Advisor:

Information Technology - Website/Facebook

Deacon Eli Wiggins
Deaconess Edie Ballard

Assistant: (TBF)

Video Team - V-Team
Lead V-Team Mentor & Advisory Tech

Deacon Eli Wiggins

Camera Tech

Website Responder: Prayer Requests
Assistant Software Tech

Creativity Liaison & Special Video Projects
Sister Hazel Jackson
Deaconess Deborah Stewart

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Eli Wiggins


Musician: Bro. Marchaleon (Marc) Dortch

President: Sis Janice Teemer
Vice Pres: 1st Lady LaDrena Rhodes

Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Boris G. Rhodes

President: Rev Sylvester Dortch
Vice Pres:

Spiritual Advisor: Pastor Boris G. Rhodes

Coordinator: (TBF)
Coordinator: (TBF)
Co-Coordinator: (TBF)

Spiritual Advisor:

PRAISE DANCE - ‘Veiled Beneath His Wings’
Coordinator: (TBF)

Spiritual Liason:

Chairman: Deacon Mack Boone
Vice Chairman: (TBF)
Associate: Rev. Sylvester Dortch

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Mack Boone

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