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Everyday People Solving Everyday Problems By Living Christ-Centered Lives

We at Evangelistic Missionary Baptist Church are a family of Christians who believe that a healthy church is one comprised of people from different backgrounds and life experiences. We commit ourselves to support one another through the stages of life so we can become more mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We are located at 125 E. Pearl Street, Port Hueneme, California and our telephone number is (805) 986-1922. This church was founded in 1964.

We are a community that ministers to the entire family. From infants to senior citizens, each member is valued and cared for. We are also a family that serves one another through the vast diversity of ministries we offer.

Our community is a stable multi-cultural urban neighborhood. Port Hueneme is known as a seaside community. There are beautiful beaches located within a mile. Port Hueneme is adjacent to the city of Oxnard.

Our church is comprised of loving, bible believing worshipers. Our goal is to magnify, glorify and proclaim the honor and excellence of the one true God.

There are approximately 200 members in our congregation. Our congregation is made up primarily of African Americans and a mixture of all other ethnic groups. Our doors are open to everyone.

We are a family church with many families having 3 generations as members. Each year there are marriages and births. We have strong representation in the youth and young adult age range. Age range of our congregation is infancy to approximately 80 years old.

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Mission Statement

We exist to glorify God by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior; developing a personal relationship with Him through prayer, meditation and worship; following His Commandments that include loving one another and bringing others to Christ by sharing the 'good news' of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We seek to fulfill this mission by:

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Our Beliefs

Who is God?

We believe in one GOD, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Alpha and Omega. God is the head of the Trinity. He is Omnipotent, Omniscience, and Omnipresent. There is none greater than Our Heavenly Father.

Who is Jesus Christ?

We believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. He was born of a virgin birth and is the Only begotten Son of our Father "GOD".

Who is the Holy Spirit?

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of The Godhead, our Comforter, our Teacher, and our Guide in our Christian walk.

What is the Bible?

We believe the Bible is God's Word, the Holy Scriptures, the unquestioned doctrine, the writings of the Apostles and Prophets, and the book that explains the Good News. In 2 Timothy 3:16 it tells us that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

What is Baptism?

We believe that baptism is a response of obedience to Jesus Christ as Lord. We declare our new life in Christ through baptism. We know that baptism does not save us. Baptism represents the essentials of the Gospel: the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ are portrayed in baptism just as it relates to us in Romans 6:3-4.

What is the Lord's Supper?

We believe the Lord's Supper is served as a memorial that God himself secured man's redemption through the suffering of the incarnate Christ. The bread and wine used in the sacrament represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ. As believers in Christ, the Lord's Supper is a very sacred part of our lives.

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Church History

evanagelistic mbc church

1964 September:  Rev. Albert D. Southall called to Pastor at 716 San Pedro Street.

1973 March:  Down Payment made on the San Pedro real estate.

1976 April:  Mortgage Burning Service.

1977 July:  San Pedro church house condemned.

1981 July:  Construction began for Pearl St. edifice.

1981 Aug - 1983 March:  Worshipped at various area churches during construction.

1983 April:  "Victory March" from old San Pedro to 1st Palm Sunday service on Pearl.

1985 June:  Property at 117 Pearl Street was purchased.

1992 July:  Founder of Evangelistic MBC (EMBC), Pastor A. Southall retires.

1992 July - 1994 March:  Various interim ministers gave the Word of Christ.

1993 January:  Pulpit Search committee formed and met.

1994 March:  Rev. Wesley Nathaniel, Jr. installed as Pastor.

1997 May:  Property at 117 Pearl St. paid off in full.

1998 September:  1st Annual "Praise in the Park".

2000 April:  Property at 125 Pearl paid off in full.

2004 October:  Rev. Nathaniel called to work in another part of God's vineyard.

2005 March:  Pulpit Search committee formed and met.

2004 November- 2007 May:  Various interim ministers delivered the Word of God.

2008 January:  Rev. David January began as Pastor.

2008 December:  Rev. January called to another vineyard of the Lord.

2009 April:  Pulpit Search committee met.

2010 January:  Bishop Princeton L. Allen began as Pastor.

2012 April:  Bishop Princeton L. Allen called to another vineyard of the Lord.

2012 April:  Reverend Torrence K. Nivens called to EMBC as Acting Pastor.

2013 January: Reverend Nivens became official Pastor of EMBC

2014 November: Planning of Church remodel.

2016 June: Church Remodel Began - Worshipped at Living Hope Church Fellowship Hall

2016 December: Church Remodel Completed.

2016 December 25th: Resumed Worship at 125 East Pearl Street.

We as a church family feel greatly blessed to be celebrating these many years of service to kingdom building for God. The highest praise is to be given to God

Hallelujah!     To God Be All The Glory

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to see the Word of God through the acceptance of Jesus Christ change the lives of people and transform our local congregation, the community and the World to be Christ-centered, totally committed and conformed to the will of God.

We will accomplish this vision by:

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